Ice Cream & Deli Counter

Throughout the years, Strachans has undergone several large refurbishments and moved premises twice. In February 2013 our shop underwent the biggest refurbishment to date.  We transformed the front of the shop, adding a coffee bar and ice cream counter.

Our family are regaled with nostalgic tales about our toy department regularly, we wanted to extend this throughout the shop and create a place where families and friends would share an ice cream in the summer or a hot chocolate in the winter.

Our locally sourced coffee is a favourite, and the bagel menu takes inspiration from broadsheets and tabloids in our news section...pop in to see what we mean!

With over 24 flavours of ice cream to choose from, the biggest question we have is; one, two or three scoops?!?

To preorder coffee or food, please message our deli phone on 07485 320956