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Playmobil Great Asian Dragon Castle Product Number 5479

  • £99.99
This Playmobil Great Asian Castle is protected by a fierce yellow fire-breathing dragon. If not off flying to protect the castle; the Dragon can perch himself on the landing platform to monitor the castle surroundings. The fortified castle has many additional features to help soldiers to defend it. The portcullis has a special hidden surprise to help keep unwanted attackers out, beware! If someone does manage to sneak into the castle they had better watch out for the secret hidden trapdoor! The trapdoor is also a secret getaway for the resident castle warriors. In the cave, hidden in the rocks, there is a magical Dragon Fire crystal that glows, this needs to be protected at all costs!

This 155 piece set includes 4 Warrior mini-figures, yellow Dragon, Large Castle, helmets, shields, and additional battle gear, skeleton, fire torches, castle flags, and several other accessories.