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Playmobil EverDreamerz Surprise Box - Comic World Product Number 70478

  • £5.99
Unpack, discover and collect! The 12 extraordinary characters from the candy world promise endless fun! Who will find the limited edition balloon lady with the golden muffin charm? Incl. individual muffin charm, trading card, sticker and accessories.
In their new adventure, the magic amulet brings the five friends into Edwina's fantastic dream world. Here, everything is sketched, and the world is full of bright colours and varied patterns. New things can be created by drawing and painting or even be erased again. The girls are enthusiastic about their painting utensils and bring various comic creatures to life. In addition to many extraordinary characters such as Mr. Fastfood, Miss Unicorn, Color Helper, Miss Pencil and Graffiti Skater, the girls also face new challenges. Of course, the sinister Lady Nightmare also has her fingers in the pie again. Can the EverDreamerz prevent Edwina's colourful comic dream world from turning into a black-and-white nightmare?
Recommended for ages 7+