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LEGO NINJAGO 71708 Gamer's Market Minifigures Set

  • £29.99

LEGO 71708 NINJAGO Gamer's Market 9 Minifigures Set with Digi Jay, Avatar Pink Zane and Avatar Harumi.

This new for 2020 LEGO NINJAGO Gamer's Market Building Set (71708) features awesome 9 collectible LEGO minifigures including NINJAGO Digi Jay, Avatar Nya, plus exclusive Avatar Pink Zane & Avatar Harumi, and a host of other mini-ninjas and villains. With plenty of ninja collectibles and cool accessories, fans will get a huge thrill out of recreating favourite scenes.

Kids can team up with Scott, Avatar Cole, Avatar Pink Zane or Avatar Harumi and their allies at the Gamer’s Market inside the video game world of Prime Empire. Here you can choose a new weapon, a new hat for a disguise or purchase a collectible Key-Tana.

Instructions PLUS offers an interactive guide to constructing this toy playset. Available on the free LEGO Life app, it has zoom and rotate viewing tools to help children 7 + year old piece together their LEGO bricks.
The Key-Tana stall measures over 5” (14 cm) high and 3” (9 cm) wide.
Contains 218 Pieces.

Recommended Age 7+.