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LEGO DOTS 41914 Creative Picture Frames

  • £17.99

LEGO 41914 DOTS Creative Picture Frames DIY Tiles Beads Set, Room Decorations, Arts and Crafts for Kids.

Treat kids to a cool toy with this LEGO DOTS (41914) Creative Picture Frames set! Designed to be easily assembled and customisable, this DIY photo frame arts and crafts set offers kids the chance to create their very own room decor and change it to fit their room colours or mood. Clean-up and tile organisation are a breeze thanks to the enclosed storage and sorting tray.

Kids can stretch their imaginations and self-expressive play skills while they make the photo frames uniquely theirs. The joy of this funky toy is the chance for kids to be imaginative and decorate the frames however they like. They can display their designs, as well as favourite photos, in their room and update them whenever they wish. This kit makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays or any time.

The largest frame measures over 4” (11cm) high and 2” (7cm) wide.

Contains 398 pieces.

Recommended Age 6+.