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Hasbro Furreal Friends Cubby The Curious Bear

  • £69.99

A dream companion for kids ages 4 years and up, FurReal Cubby will excitedly take part in all their adventures, and snuggle next to them at the end of day. With moving eyes, nose, and mouth, his face is delightfully expressive – a totally lovable cub!

Cubby is a curious young cub, eager to be picked up and held (he hugs you back!), play peek-a-boo, and even dance from time to time. And let’s not forget snack time! Feed him his bottle or treat and he’ll make eating sounds. He’s a chatty little bear, too – he babbles back when he’s spoken to.

Cubby also has a night-time mode when closes his eyes, makes cute sleepy sounds, and plays one of four 5-minute sequences of soft music. Ideal for helping young children settle down to sleep.